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Windwood Acres Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog The Gentle Giant

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Great Pyrenees Puppy Reservation Form / Contract
Print clearly please...
Name Of Purchaser:______________________________________
City State:_____________________________________
Zip Code:_______________  Fax:__________________
Home Phone:___________________________________
Mobile Phone:___________________________________

Amount of Deposit remitted:$_________ ($50 minimum)
Make checks payable to Mark or Jessica Dibert
Cost of puppy: $325, $300 if paying in full with reservation form
Nearest Airport with cargo services you can pick up puppy if shipping:_______________
Gender reserved: ___Male___Female___No Preference

You must be 18 years old to sign this document. The cost of shipping, the kennel crate*,and health certificate is extra,and the responsibility of the purchaser.We prefer DrsFoster & Smith "pet dens"

If you believe your puppy is sick (not to include parasites)within the first 48hrs and you return the puppy to us, (we do not refund veterinarian fees incurred prior to returning puppy to us) we will return the puppy to you well, replace the puppy with another puppy from same litter or next available litter. The cost of shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser, and is not refundable. A $40 transportation fee to airport if shipping via air will be added to purchase price of puppy. The U.S.D.A. requires all puppies be eight weeks old to ship. If balance is not paid in full when the puppy reaches eight weeks old or seven weeks old if shipping via air, all deposits/payments will be forfeited and all sales null and void. If buyer decides not to purchase puppy deposit/payments will be retained. We will furnish a complete shot record and medication sheet for any medicine or shots given to your puppy. It is the purchasers responsibility to obtain veterinary care upon purchase to continue the worming and shot regimen.

We are not responsible for any person or animal bitten or hurt by the animals we sell. The training and behavior of animals after we transfer ownership, is the responsibility of the new owner. No suitability for livestock guardian dogs is given/implied as it is the purchasers responsibility to properly train puppy.We reserve the right to decline sale to unsuitable homes.

Breeder has represented this puppy as companion quality, not registered with the; AKC or any other registration organization, which means the puppy may have minimal faults in structure, movement, or breed type, and/or has minor cosmetic faults at the time of sale. The great Pyrenees puppy has been evaluated for temperament and raised in an environment to ensure a temperament suitable for this breed. Purchaser is aware puppy is whelped in our home and transfered to a protected outdoor environment at four weeks, giving them exposure to a diverse group of animals. Puppy will need bathing/flea dip/wormed;upon receipt due to the outside environment. Windwood Acres , Mark and Jessica Dibert, expects the purchaser to properly raise and train this puppy, ensuring good socialization is completed.Pick up arrangements must be made by 8 weeks or within one week of payment or receipt of reservation form if puppy is over 8 weeks of age. If pick up arrangements are not made in this time frame, deposit/payments are retained.

Buyer holds Mark and Jessica Dibert, Windwood Acres, harmless should the puppy become ill and die due to an unforseen accident or health problems prior to delivery. All deposits and payments will be refunded to buyer within 40 days of notification of death. Purchaser has the option to apply reservation and payments to next available litter if desired.

Buyers Signature:________________________________________ Date:__________

Buyers signature denotes they have read, understand and agree to all terms in this contract.

Sellers Signature:________________________________________        Date:__________

Complete this form and mail to: 18995 v drive s, Tekonsha Michigan 49092. Puppies are subject to availability when you reserve prior to whelping. *Crate may be purchased and mailed to our address to your name in care of our name. Buyer is responsible for updating contact information if it changes. We will email and phone to the information submitted with this form, if we are unable to contact you by the time the puppy is seven weeks old, all deposits/payments are forfeited.Our