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Windwood Acres Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog The Gentle Giant

Comments about our puppies
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We thought we would share some comments we have received about our past puppies. Page created: May 6,2008.

Blaze and Molly
Click on the picture to see full size!

Here are Blaze (on the left) and Molly (on the right) all grown up...we got Blaze from your April litter 2004 and Molly from a later litter. They have been the best dogs anyone could ever ask for. So loving and affectionate, not a mean bone in there bodies. Thank you for blessing our home with these two. Thought you might like to see them...

Sincerely, Sonya and Lee

Hi there! I don't know if you remember me, but I purchased your only male pyr puppy from your litter. Miles. I just wanted to say how wonderful he is doing, and share some pics with you!!! He is now a very healthy 103 pound 10 month old puppy! Hope you are doing well. And I hope you enjoy the pics!

Hi Jessica,
Love this puppy! Tell your husband she did get a bath! Sorry, can't be a groomer's pet without a grooming. She did very well. We are going to call her Annie. If I had another little girl, that would have been her name. It's a good thing I didn't come, I would have come home with two puppies:) Thanks for everything, and we will keep you posted, plus if we ever decide to get another puppy we know somebody who breeds them. I will also let anyone know who is looking for Pyrenees, just not too many breeders of the working dog.


Mark and Jessica
Thank you so much for spending so much time with us. Our new puppy has a name - Casey. She has been so good too and so beautiful. I will be making a vet appointment tomorrow like Mark suggested. Thank you again for everything and I will send you some pictures as she grows.

All the best,
Cindy and Jerry

I am looking for a LARGE all white pyrenees male. I have been looking for a long time no However your the first site I found reasonable. I have a large yard with teenage kids.
Again if I have the option I would like a male, all white, and the bigger the better. I could not tell which was the male on your site but the puppies looked good. The papers are not a big deal with me.

Thank you

Good Morning
Your web site shows that your pups are all sold but I am inquiring just in case.

My husband and I have had Prys most of our married life which is 26 yrs and counting.Our male,;Fancy Lord Willie of Prycrest;, died one week short of his 11th birthday from old age.Our female, Gracie, died of cancer in her 9th year, last July.In the interim, I rescued a 10yr+ female from the Humane Society. Unfortunately, she was only with us 6 mos.

Our dogs are our &kids and we are jonesing;
So; if you have a large male looking for a home;

Thanks for your time.Happy Mothers Day.
Mary & mark

Hi Mark & Jessica, After speaking with you on Sunday my husband and I discussed our thoughts. We have decided not to purchase your puppy simply because of the added expense of transportation. As I mentioned yesterday we would obviously prefer to find a dog locally if at all possible to alleviate the extra expenses. You have been enormously kind to answer questions and share your knowledge about this breed of dog with me and for that I am very grateful. I am certain you will find a good home for her.

Sincerely, Pam & Steve

Mark and Jessica,

He's catching onto potty training well. He has NEVER had an accident in his crate, and he is starting to go to the door and bark when he has to go out! He still has a few accidents, but overall, I'm very proud of him.

He knows the commands, "sit","[lay] down", and "come here". Although the come command, he only listens to when he feels like it. haha Typical pyr, right?

Thanks so much!

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